AmperWave Player Help

Why can't I tune into the player?

There a few reasons you might not be able to use the player. Try the solutions below.

Solution 1:

Check to see if ad blockers are enabled.

If you have an ad blocker enabled, navigate to its plug-in and follow the instructions to disable functionality on the player site only. The majority of current ad blocker plug-ins allow you to disable functionality on the player while keeping the ad blocker enabled on all other sites.

Note: If you are using AdBlock for Chrome, you need to disable the ad blocker for the whole site, not just the player.

Solution 2:

Check your anti-virus software.

The antivirus software could be preventing you from tuning in. There is a wide variety of anti-virus software available to the consumer which creates a wide array of issues that could present itself when trying to tune into the player.

You can try fixing this by adding a URL Exception into the antivirus software installed on your computer. The URL Exception option is typically found in the settings of the anti-virus program.

The following list contains articles that explain how to set up a URL Exception in the 4 most popular anti-virus programs:

Solution 3:

Try adding the player URL to your browser's trusted site and your computers “allow” list. Use the links below to navigate to your browsers support page for instructions.

See Google's detailed support page on how to add, remove, and manage plugins.

Solution 4:

If you're listening from work, your corporate firewall may be blocking connection to the stream. Have your IT Administrator check your firewall settings and enable listening from*.

What browsers can I use with the player?

The latest version of each of the following browsers is supported:

Note: All major browsers have discontinued support for Windows operating systems older than Windows 7. If you are unable to load the player, please contact your local station for alternative listening methods.

Does the player work on mobile devices?

Yes, the player works on mobile devices.

Can I use a non-US IP address?

Certain streams are blocked from streaming outside of the US and in certain regions of the world. If you encounter one of the following scenarios the stream doesn't support a non-US IP address:

What do I do if the player loads but is only playing silence?

If the player appears normally but isn't playing anything, it could be a few different things.

In all cases, try again later, or contact the station.